Process development – Process safety – Scale-up


Automatic laboratory reactors
Success through concept

SYSTAG offers individual, cost-effective and user-friendly controls for synthesis reactors.

If you combine quality, modularity and high operation comfort with customised functionality, you get automation solutions characterised by sustainable success and quick return of investment.

Custom ready-for-use solutions guarantee shortest commissioning periods as well as high acceptance. The ideal tools which allow you to return to your core competencies as swiftly as possible.

FlexyCUBE, parallel process development in the most user-friendly and efficient way imaginable.

FlexyPAT, probably the most flexible automated laboratory reactor and the ideal solution for scale-up.

Thermal process safety
Safety through knowledge

Comprehensive solutions for integrated thermal safety inspections in the chemistry sector.

SYSTAG technologies provide you with a deeper understanding of the thermal stability of substances and potential hazards of chemical reactions. Thermal analyses combined with established reaction calorimetry allow for safety-relevant assertions right up to complete risk analyses of new or established processes.

FlexyTSC, gram-range adiabatic thermal analysis with up to 6 different measuring cells.

Calo2310, the all-in-one reaction calorimeter with combined heat flow and heat balance calorimeter.

Process automation
From gram to kilo

Solutions for kilo labs, pilot plants and specific applications in process technology.

Over 40 years of experience in the automation of synthesis plants in chemical process development enable SYSTAG to supply optimised automated process control solutions for plants in which prototype campaigns are realised.

The FlexySys process control system facilitates the automation of routine operations without sacrificing the flexibility of manual operation.

FlexyPlant provides a consistent control concept from laboratories through to pilot plants.

Automation & Engineering, SYSTAG offers a cGMP-compliant qualification in accordance with GAMP guidelines. On request, we will not only take on the qualification of the automation solution but also undertake both the operational and functional qualification of the entire plant.