SysGraph - Visualised thermal process safety

Optimisation – Safety inspection – Scale-up – PAT

  • Unique evaluation software for thermal analysis and reaction calorimetry
  • Suitable for isothermal, isoperibol, dynamic and adiabatic evaluations
  • Visualises thermal risks

Don’t leave safety to chance


As an integrated module, ThermoGraph provides thermokinetic analyses of all FlexyTSC applications such as RADEX and SEDEX.

Prognoses of thermal stability of chemical substances or reaction solutions right through to distillation residue all require precise calculation of the kinetics of possible decomposition reactions.

For storage and transportation tests, the kinetic properties of the various substances needs to be determined accurately. Thus, for example, the SADT (Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature) is determined to ensure safe transportation of chemical goods.

TMRadia24 is a further indicator to assess the criticality of processes.

Conventional measuring methods presuppose first order decomposition, which, however, is only rarely the case. Adiabatic analysis can provide information that is more accurate.

In addition to decomposition energy and onset temperature, ThermoGraph calculates the following indicators from only one adiabatic experiment:

  • SHR (Self-heating rate)
  • TMR (Time to maximum rate)
  • Arrhenius plot
  • Activation energy

All results are automatically corrected with phi and may therefore be directly included in the risk analysis.

Base lines can either be defined automatically by the evaluation software or custom created in the graphics interface.


Available for conventional isothermal reaction calorimetry as well as in combination with the Calo2310 pro for heat flow and heat balance evaluations.

Reliable assessments of reaction power and heat are absolutely essential for evaluating the safety of synthesis reactions. All further safety-relevant assessments, such as calculating a scale-up or establishing a run-away reaction scenario, are usually based on these calorimetric calculations.

Setting up safe processes also includes evaluation (risk analysis) of various influencing factors in order to minimise the thermal risks of a batch or semi-batch reaction.

KaloGraph visualises relevant results in a clear plot, for example:

  • Reaction heat & reaction power
  • Adiabatic temperature increase (MTSR, maximum temperature of synthesis reaction)
  • Accumulation of reaction
  • Heat transfer coefficient

The results mentioned above depend on the type of reaction control and can be determined for the reactor term as well as the reflux condenser.

You will recognise quickly and easily how strong a reaction accumulates and which criticality class a process has to be assigned to.

KaloGraph supports your optimisation processes with regard to economics, safety and kinetics.

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