FlexyCLAVE – Automated Hydrogenation for Reactors with Different Sizes

High Safety Standard – Broad Functionality – High Flexybility


Recipe controlled hydrogenation solution

FlexyCLAVE is a fully automated turn-key solution for hydrogenations or other gas reactions. Additionally to the standard functions as temperature and stirrer control the FlexyCLAVE includes an automated gas exchange and controlled dosage function. The intuitive recipe control mode controls all peripherals, that are used with one reactor. Namely thermostats, stirrers, pumps or balances.
Easy scale up due to reproducibility
Predefined process steps lead to a reproducible and safe implementation of hydrogenation. This makes scale up into the kilolab much easier.
Alarm and monitoring functions allow for an independent operation, thanks to leakage tests and gas detectors.

All process parameters, manual interventions and results are documented and saved seamlessly. If needed this process can be performed according to CFR 21 part 11, and/or exported into an ELN.